Change-a-Meeting Form

To update your group's trusted servants, go to our Update Trusted Servants page.

This form will only update information maintained on the website.

Note: Please insure you have the authority from the Group to request these changes.

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Step 2: Request Meeting Changes

The Meeting Information section displays the current information on file. Please review for accuracy and completeness and refer to this information when describing changes.

Meeting Information

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Fill out the details of your group, including your group's name, name and address where you meet, and if possible your group's service number.

Meeting Change Request

Please describe the change(s), referring to the Meeting Information screen. If we have any questions regarding your change request, we will contact you at the email / phone number provided.

See guidance on Handicap Accessibility (HA) code

Step 3: Request Confirmation

Below is the information you've submitted:

An email has been sent to the GSSA Office for update.

    • If we have any questions fulfilling your change request, we'll send you an email.
    • You may want to contact other places your Group Conscience wants the meeting to be (or is) listed. Below is your listed Intergroup Office.