New Group Registration

Please use this form to Register a New Group. Note that it may take up to a month to get confirmation from GSO in New York. Each group is given a unique identifying Service Number.

Please include GSR's, Group Reps or Group Officers' name and contact information on this form.

To print the form below as a PDF and fill it out by hand, click here.

Note: Once you've completed this form, you'll need to submit your registration to your Intergroup office separately.

Your Information

Start by giving your name and email, so we have a contact for questions and confirming the information submitted.

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Group Information

Group Name *
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Meeting Location

Name of Meeting Location * church, shopping center, etc.
Location Street Address * include a P.O. Box if one is used
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Custom Directions If you'd like to give people special directions to find your meeting (like meeting room number or where in building the meeting is held), include them here.


Below add the days and times you meet.

Remove Meeting Slot {{ ( meetingIndex + 1 ) }}
Days of Week * Check the days this meeting meets
Start Time * Time of day, am/pm
Meeting Length (minutes) Put the time in minutes, default is 60
Meeting Type Check any that apply. These are meant to help inform AAs on the focus and activities of your meeting.
Meeting Note If there's something unique for this meeting, or info people should know.

Trusted Servants

If your group has Trusted Servants chosen, please add them here below. Click + Add Trusted Servant to enter multiple people.

Servant {{ ( servantIndex + 1 ) }}: {{ servant.roleCustom || servant.role }}

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Admin Information

Finally, just let us know if you'd like to be listed in the GSSA Directory and how many copies of the Georgia Message of A. A. you'd like to receive.

List in GSSA Directory?
Copies of Georgia Message of AA
Additional Comments Anything you'd like to note that may not be captured in this form.

Review your form, and if everything looks in order, click Submit New Group below. If you get a message that some information is missing, please correct this issues noted and click Submit again.


Submission Complete

The GSSA Office will recieve your submission. Please give us 3 business days to respond to your request.

If you have any questions where your request is at in the submission process, you can reach us at or 478-745-2588.

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